Saturday, February 21, 2015

Buell Neidlinger - RearView Mirror (1979-1986)

This CD has selections taken from four prior releases on bassist Buell Neidlinger's K2B2 label: three numbers apiece from Ready for the '90s, Thelonious, Big Day at Ojai and four from Our Night Together. In each case, the bassist is teamed with the underrated tenor saxophonist Marty Krystall. Most of the tunes features a quartet or trio and such fine players as trumpeter Warren Gale, organist Jerry Peters, pianist John Beasley and drummers Peter Erskine, Billy Higgins and Billy Osborne make strong contributions. The final three numbers are the most unusual, featuring versions of "Stardust," "Jumpin Punkins" and "Happy Go Lucky Local" played by Buellgrass, a group consisting of mandolin, harmonica, violin, tenor, bass and drums. Other highlights include "Igor's Blues" and a memorable version of Thelonious Monk's "Little Rootie Tootie." Although one regrets the missing selections from the four original LPs, this CD gives one a well-rounded picture of bassist Neidlinger's activities during a seven-year period.
Scott Yanow ~ AMG


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