Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tim Berne - Fulton Street Maul (1986)

Tim Berne-Alto
Bill Frisell-Electric Guitar
Hank Roberts-Cello
Alex Cline-Percussion

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  2. @soppy
    no you didn't; that was me in a bill wig with a bill nose.

  3. i would've expected Boey Jaron in here. Clex Aline makes this much more interesting to me. Thank you. Koch reissued some truly fascinating stuff in both jazz and classical.

  4. I read a critic once mentioning how bizarre it was for Columbia to have signed Berne and released these albums when they did. But, the story I heard goes like this: Miles Davis had just humiliated the wunderkind Marsalis in Vancouver and the Columbia Records execs were not happy because he was a fresh property. Columbia was, on the other hand, making Miles "feel like I'm a tax loss," pushing him to make conciliatory phone calls, delaying his album release (Aura). So, he up and split Columbia with two more albums due to them, hooked up with Marcus Miller at Warner Bros., who had been making bank with David Sanborn, and when Columbia said, "what about our two albums?" Well, Sanborn (who was hip to the situation) had just the man for the job, his old pal from Julius Hemphill student days, Tim Berne. "We'll have those in the pipeline for ya! The next Platinum Big Money Star Just For You Columbia, Straight from Golden Alto Dave!" Perhaps when the execs finally got the returns, they decoded the message, "FUCK YOU!"
    Anyway, Sanborn seems to have gotten Hemphill that BigBand date on Elektra (WarnerBros.) and he also did that great tribute with Berne to Hemphill "Diminutive Mysteries." Nice to know he didn't forget his roots, even though I can't listen to much of his records.

  5. Link is down unfortunately.

  6. New Link -

    Tim Berne - Fulton Street Maul: